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Apport Systems A/S are specialists in logistic solutions.

We deliver complete warehouse management solutions, including the needed software and hardware, and uses the latest technology such as pick-to-voice, barcodes and wireless communication.

Apport Systems A/S has developed our own WMS solution Apport WMS, which is a paperless warehouse management system for reception, placing, picking, moving, counting and sending goods including track and trace. The system also contains an effective status- and statistic-module.
Apport WMS is a simple and user friendly standard solution, based on great flexibility. It is easily integrated with all market leading ERP systems, and can be extended and improved as required to meet all your needs.
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Apport WMS, sold and developed by Apport Systems has been chosen by 2 well known textile manufacturers and 1 from the retail business.
Apport Systems has been awarded with the greatest possible credit rating.
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